Who are the Women?

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

“A typical product of a military upbringing Rosie/Roger Palmer gender-oscillates on a 6-monthly basis. A hoarder of musical instruments is a disciple of the Bert Weedon Play-in-a-Day Method and is happy to bore the pants of you about the Herstory of Bigsby Vibrato systems.

Rosie’s dress is ALWAYS in the best possible taste.”

Born in Middlesbrough, Sadie is the heart and mind of the band, bringing a trash aesthetic that is unmatched in the Tyne, Wear or Tees deltas.

Doctor of Feline Psychiatry by day, she has been bitten by a bat. Known as the Tits of Death, by those who’ve seen her naked.

Born on the banks of the River Tyne and raised by magpies, Mitch fashioned her first drum kit out of floating oil cans and the bonnet of a Citroen 2CV.

She likes sleeping, biscuits, hitting things with sticks and a good British cuppa. Seen mostly at night around inner city areas.

JETTISON HOPE (lead guitar)
Born dead, buried alive in the Carpathian Mountains.
Raised by wild dogs.
Favourite colour blind.
Hobbies: Deicide.
Awarded title “Lord Of The Marsh” 1910 by Morgan Le Fay.
Lives in a barge on the Alimentary Canal.

is a go-go dancer whose bloodline can be traced back to Polish aristocracy.  Brought up and raised above a ballet school and then a pub, Lady Annabella is skilled in the art of dancing and drinking.

She is influenced by Little Edie Beale, Russ Meyer and Phoebe Buffay. Likes: baskets, glitter, rollmops, tequila, sunglasses, nylon nighties, cats and sleeping. She can be found at the local bin searching for revolutionary costumes.

She describes her style as a cross between Joan Collins and Lizzie Birdsworth.

SUGAR HILL (rhythm guitar)Sugar Hill
Straight outta Houghton. The ghost of Sylvia Robinson as channelled by Ivy Rorschach.

Fused a Gibson SG with LSD to get the Astro Jet – owns the best guitar in the band.

And the best (natural) hair. If not the best wigs.

Has been wearing women’s clothing since the age of four, result in ejection from the Cub Scouts, rugby league first XIII AND the Labour Party.

Having been electrified by John Waters, Louise Michel and riot grrrl, Sheena now opposes capitalism and heterosexism via the medium of punk rock!


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